Advance Comic Review: Quince #6 & #7

Posted on by Adam Bunch

Advance Comic Review: Quince issues 6 & 7

Written by: Kit Steinkellner

Illustrated by: Emma Steinkellner

Created by: Sebastian Kadlecik

            Summer is upon us, and with that, Fanbase Press’ is releasing issues 6 & 7 of their all ages bilingual comic series Quince as a “Summer Vacation Special”.

            After all the excitement, fear, worries, and testing of the new powers discovered at her Quincenera have passed, everything is going great for 15 year old superhero Lupe right?  Not at all.  With Quince, Kit and Emma Steinkellner continue to deliver a story full of authenticity and heart.  Summer has moved past, and Lupe is finding it hard to even have enough time to sleep at night thanks to Abuela’s amazon account and their selection of police scanners.  Days at school doesn’t make it any easier, as there always seems to be an emergency that needs her attention, usually right when a girl wants to eat.

            Blowing up on social media is nice; but as we learn, it doesn’t make you bulletproof.  It may however catch the eye of your school crush, even if he only has eyes for the one wearing the mask. And if your adherence to the Hero’s Code helps keep the hallways free of bullying, you may also learn that not everyone appreciates being saved by someone when the mask and cape aren’t being worn.

            While I have quite enjoyed the 5 previous issues of Quince thus far, eagerly looking forward to the 15th of every month,  these 2 issues bring such an authenticity and realness to the character and world around Lupe that they transcend the 4 color page and feel like an avatar of life told through her Quincenera filter.  The high school moments we get give us some real life scenes that are worth thinking about, yet never get overly heavy in their delivery.  Lupe’s (and Q’s) growing emotions and feelings about herself, and her burgeoning love interest come across overwhelmingly natural and real, as if they are pulled directly from someone’s experiences.  It feels like a natural & original tale that still has you thinking of some of the best Peter Parker or Kamala Kahn high school moments.  The story Kit writes is complimented so dang well by Emma’s artwork that it is absolutely seamless.  As the story grows better each issue, the art continues to make noticeable steps forward as well.

Young or old, Lupe/Q is a hero to inspire.  So whether you pick up Quince en Español or English, (or both) just make sure you are picking it up.


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