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Ok, so I’m not the biggest Budweiser fan. That said, I won’t turn down a cold Bud Light handed my way at a baseball game, but I’m also not running out to the store to buy a case of what I consider to be fizzy, yellow, beer-flavored water. With a plethora of micro brews, dark ales, and craft beers more widely available nowadays, there’s really no excuse for wasting your money (and calories) on sub-par products like Bud, Coors, or MGD unless you actually like average, tasteless beer that’ll leave you a headachey, bloated, hot mess. At the risk of sounding like a beer snob, I see no point in drinking useless beer. Although the decades of commercials, non-stop advertising, and mind indoctrination to buy their sauce seems to have worked on millions of people who consider themselves “beer drinkers”, I have never bowed to the megabrand known as Budweiser, no sir, I will NOT drink the Kool-Aid!

When I heard that the mighty frat party staple brewcorp Budweiser was releasing a new beer to their lineup, I cringed slightly and prepared for the worst. Budweiser has released more bad beers than Madonna releases bad records. Let’s take a quick look at this foamy roller coaster ride called Budweiser. Bud Dry was essentially Budweiser, yet they needed something to roll off the tongue with the clever slogan, “Why Ask Why”. How about “Shaddap”. Then there was 4.1%abv Bud Silver, with the ‘weiser attempting to appeal to the Brits. Then came the brilliant idea to combine Bud with tomato sauce: enter the BudChelada. BARF. No, really, this concoction tastes like shit, and no one aside from the crowd in front of the local Home Depot drinks this cup of ass! Want a little something extra out of your Bud? Bud Extra packs caffeine, ginseng, and guarana – on top of a bitchslapping 6.6%abv, cause you never know when you might need a little bit of a boost while drinking beer, running the track, or cramming for finals. Can we assume that Four Loko ripped Bud Extra off? I think we can. Don’t forget Bud Ice, Bud Lime, Bud 66, Bud Golden Wheat, and Bud Select 55! Jesus Christ how many Buds are there? A LOT. And you know what, most of them suck golf balls through garden hoses! So in all of these brews, which range anywhere from 55 calories to 160, nothing particularly stands out as either good or bad, aside from the BudChelada, which should be illegal and shot into outer space. Budweiser is very good at making a ton of average beer, and they make a lot of money doing it. So is there at least one Bud that I can enjoy? Maybe. Welcome to Budweiser Platinum.

Clocking in at a respectable 6%abv, and delivering a somewhat sweet taste, Platinum stands as one of Budweiser’s better offerings. It is extremely drinkable, yet strong enough that about 6 of them will send you to la la land if you’re not careful. What I found strange though was that with most Buds, after about one or two, you don’t really taste them anymore. With Premium, the sweet notes and lager continually strike though, even after 3, making for a pleasant experience. Though not incredibly strong, the 6%abv holds it’s ground and makes for an oddly satisfying alternative to much stronger dark beers, namely Arrogant Bastard or Stone IPA.

If you’re looking for a good lager from Budweiser, it’s a safe bet to ignore all of their other bad news and go straight for the Platinum. It’s a little bit pricier than most Bud products, but worth the few extra bucks, and for Pete’s sake, stay away from the freaking BudChelada!


  • Value: Not cheap, not expensive. Higher alcohol content gives you more bang for your buck.
  • Flavor: Slightly sweet, nothing crazy, the pumped up alcohol is unnoticeable
  • Aroma: Smells like any fizzy, yellow lager
  • Drinkability: Very drinkable, keeps its flavor, no headaches!
  • Buzz Factor: 6% isn’t gonna sock you in the nuts like an Arrogant Bastard or Rasputin would, but it’s decent!
  • Final Verdict: Good beer, good price, good times.

Good, Drinkable Beer. Enjoy

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  1. Chris April 6, 2012 at 2:00 pm -

    I myself would rather have a Micro brew over the “yellow fizzy” beer, but I have to admit that this is the best thing Budweiser has done in sometime. The drinkability is good and with a 6% buff to it you cant go wrong. For those who would rather have a Bud, this beer is for you.


  2. Azraεl April 6, 2012 at 2:04 pm -

    dude totally agree!

  3. SkylerJade April 9, 2012 at 10:59 am -

    hmmm, im still wary… lol

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