Beer Review – Taurino Cerveza

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By David Mayne

Somewhere in between the oddly addictive taste of an ice-cold Corona and the tranquil streets of Brentwood’s very own Somerset “Active” Adult Community, rests yet another in the burgeoning grocery chain known as Fresh & Easy. Touting itself as back-to-basics grocery shopping, deals are indeed to be had on its pristine isles of ready-made meals, name-brand favorites, and mostly imported produce lane. Perhaps it’s best kept secret, well at least so far, is it’s oddly large alcohol isle, complete with dozens of wines, some priced as low as $1.99 (F&E’s version of Two-Buck Chuck).

A very respectable beer selection also occupies this space, with Arrogant Basterd’s, Stone IPA’s, and Racer 9’s adorning the “top shelf”. Also in attendance amongst these well-known beer gods is a fine array of low-level brews at door-buster prices, and Taurino Cerveza (hecho en El Salvador) is NO exception. Basically Corona with a different label (no…seriously), Taurino clocks in at only $7.99 a 12’er!! What the hell?! Yep, for 8 bucks, you’re basically getting re-branded Corona, and to be honest, when a 12 pack of decent beer only costs 8 bucks, it tastes EVEN better!

Standing its ground among other cervezas like Corona, Modelo, Dos Equis, and Tecate is what Taurino does, and does well. While not the Rolls Royce of lagers south of the border, Taurino, served ice-cold, is a refreshing way to unwind after mowing the hell out of a lawn, raking leaves, or otherwise working up a healthy case of swamp ass in this ridiculous summer heat!


  • Value: $7.99 for 12…you do the math
  • Flavor: Close your eyes and it’s Corona, no S!
  • Aroma: Standard pale lager/hecho en Mexico…
  • Drinkability: Cold, crisp, Claus…wait, that’s pickles. This stuff goes down like a champ!
  • Buzz Factor: Decent
  • Final Verdict: Great value for decent beer


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  1. Johnny J. Vollmar September 27, 2013 at 11:51 pm -

    Where has this beer gone? Can one only find it in Cali?

    I fell in love with it out there….on a visit. Now, I pine

    for it. Sad, but true. Can ya help a brother out here???


    • Dave September 28, 2013 at 1:01 pm -

      The only place I’ve seen it is Fresh & Easy stores

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