Beer Review – ‘Shelter IPA’ (Altamont Beer Works)

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David Mayne

Shelter IPA
Altamont Beer Works
Style: India Pale Ale
Power: 6.5% ABV, 60 IBU

Nothing goes together like beer and a movie, and The Grand Budapest Hotel is no exception. Checking out The Vine Cinema & Alehouse last night with some friends, I was highly impressed with the bar/theater’s respectable beer selection, including such favorites as Campfire Stout, Blue Moon, and my newest liquidy-love-interest, Shelter IPA. Clocking in at around 6.5% ABV, Shelter won’t exactly smack you in the mouth with overly alcoholic zeal, but it does offer forth the typical IPA tinge on the old tongue-piece, one that warms quite nicely on the way down to gulletsville.

Starting off with a thick, creamy, almost buttery spread on the toast that is your taste buds, Shelter IPA goes onwards into a subtle yet rich finish, with lingering flavors of an almost citrus-infused bale of hay which coats the back sides of the tongue with hoppy glee.

Insta-buzz this beer is not, although despite its mellow and unsuspecting intro, a very light mouth numbing did ensue around the 3/4-pint mark. Me love long time any ale that can do this with such unsuspecting gusto and masterful incognito. With no dirty aftertaste, I found Shelter IPA to be the perfect companion to my freshly breaded basket of lightly fried calamari, care of next-door bar & grill, Zephyr. (Actually delivered to my in-theater table care of the awesome wait-staff at The Vine)

Golden and slightly cloudy like a warm summer’s day on the Altamont, Shelter IPA is a must-have treat if you’re in the area and are looking for a great beer that embodies a great area! I will indeed be back…for the beer and the cinema! As they say on their website, “When ordering your next pint, just say “Give Me Shelter”.


  • Value: I think I paid roughly 5 bucks a pint, which is a pretty good deal for a great ale such as this.
  • Flavor: Light and smooth, gaining complexity as the glass empties…
  • Aroma: Tropical Fruit & Wheat. A doubleheader of IPA goodness.
  • Drinkability: Not overly dry, with just the right amount of hops for a beer that warrants 1 or 2 follow-ups.
  • Buzz Factor: Won’t get you hammered right away but does spin your senses after a few glasses.
  • Final Verdict: A masterful stroke of IPA goodness in every glass. Deserves seconds and thirds!



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