Box Office Adventure: Weekend 3/27/16

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Box Office Adventure:  Weekend of 3/25/16 – 3/27/16


Critics v Audiences: Dawn of the DC Universe could have been the obvious title for what occurred at the multiplexes this week; as the Henry Cavill/Ben Affleck/Gal Gadot helmed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice kicked off the introduction of the future of Warner Brothers/DC universe in record breaking fashion, bucking the overwhelming majority of critics who had panned the $200 million film.  Which begs the question, do ‘movie critics’ matter anymore? Or are people simply starting to look beyond those critic’s biases and sometimes pre-formed opinions?

If you have a chance, definitely watch this in IMAX 2D

If you have a chance, definitely watch this in IMAX 2D

Releasing in every major market at once, avoiding the delayed step by step – market by market approach that many studios take with a tentpole movie such as this; Dawn of Justice opened domestically (U.S.) to a huge 167 million opening.  To put that in perspective, that dollar figure is greater that the sum of literally every single other movie playingIf that domestic figure seems large, and it is, the international figure is even more impressive as WB/DC will be earning an additional $254,000,000 this opening weekend abroad.  Even setting a new opening weekend record in China, besting Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  While movies like this are always front loaded, this is sure to be a sigh of relief for the studio who has had some very large flops over the last year (Jupiter Ascending & Pan just to name a few) that has put pressure on them to get a new franchise up and running after the ending of the Harry Potter franchise.  Now that the marketing has done its job however, we will see if Dawn of Justice will continue to fly or will audiences turn a blind eye to the pseudo-sequel and franchise springboard.


In addition to BvS, Zootopia kept up its hurried pace, crossing $240 Million in its third week while newcomer and also sequel My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 took advantage of a good counter programming schedule to come in third place at 17.8 Mil.  Timely film Miracles from Heaven came in 4th just shy of 10 million in its second week while what looks like the franchise killer Allegiant rounded out the top 5 with only 9.4 million in only the second frame of the young adult adaptation.


This next week and following weekend should be a huge test for the Superfriends to see if the fans will continue to buck the critics and carry Batman and Superman to another chart topping week or if the Batmobile ends up with a flat.  Check out the rest of the top 10 below with their weekend and total gross’ (us domestic)respectively.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Week 1– 167m  Total – 167m



Week 4 – 23.1m  Total – 240.5m


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Week 1 – 17.8m  Total – 17.8m


Miracles From Heaven

Week 2 – 9.7m  Total – 34.3m


The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Week 2 – 9.4m  Total – 45.5m


10 Cloverfield Lane

Week 3 – 5.9m  Total – 55.9m



Week 7 – 4.9m  Total – 349m


London Has Fallen

Week 4 – 3m  Total – 55.7m


Hello My Name is Doris

Week 3 – 1.7m  Total – 3.2m



Week 6 – .9m  Total – 36m


Box Office Adventure: Weekend 3/27/16



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