Bringin’ Back 8-Bit!

Posted on by Dave

Here at, we loves us some classic ‘ol 8-Bit gaming! The golden days of Zelda, Metroid, Mario, and Kid Icarus captured our imagination, rotted our brains, and made us ironclad gamers for life! Thus, consider this series of Amigo 8-Bit goodness a return to the glory that once was. Games that never made it to the mighty NES Part I: “DEXTER”.

Lead Dexter through 9 platforming levels as he attempts to hunt down the illusive Ice Truck Killer before he can strike again! Will Dexter save the day or will evil prevail? Grab a second controller for twice the fun as player 2 plays as Deb, but be careful she never sees Dexter kill anyone, or she will learn his dark secret!


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