Comic Review: Penguins VS Possums #6

Posted on by Adam Bunch

Penguins vs. Possums Issue 6: Requiem

Published by Fanboy Comics


Sebastian Kadelick: Creator, Writer, Art, Letters

John Bring: Writer, Art, Gray Tones

Lindsay Calhoon Bring: Writer



Penguins vs. Possums has got to be one the most ridiculous premises to be put on a page.  The idea of a secret war going on between these 2 species – one a group of normally detested marsupials, the other an adorable waddling species that most of us only know either from visiting the zoo or from watching Dick van Dyke dance with them 50 years ago is absolutely absurd on the surface.  Once you crack open it’s pages and settle into its world however, you’ll find that any pre-conceived notions are gone in a flash, as the world that Kadelick, Bring & Calhoon Bring have created and explored has more depth, emotion, laughs & pop-culture nods that you would think could fit inside its pages.


While the story and battles still rightly focus of our titular characters, Issue 6 of this saga has also raised the stakes for future installments as our human characters – which until now have been mostly peripheral, have much more page time while trying to bring the war between these creatures to light.  Couple that with the reveal that some alliances may have already been made somewhere down the line, and we are given an entirely new plot thread that promises to unravel in ways that we couldn’t have seen coming.


   Escalation.  If Penguins vs Possums Issue 6 were to be described in a single word, (Which it can’t, even though yes, I realize that I just did but hey, you wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts) than escalation would be the perfect way to describe what you are about to get.  We are lulled into a false sense of slow steady story driving elements after a bombastic opening to this issue.  Like a rapidly shaken soda however, everything is just building to a crescendo.  Because when that top is popped off: the action, violence, & passion just explodes all over the pages in beautifully penciled and inked glory.


It’s hard to think that many publishers could (or would) have the stones and more importantly, creative fun to put out the type of titles that Fanboy Comics continue to deliver.  Bryant & Barbra Dillon – President and Managing Editor, and their team clearly enjoy the medium of comic books and working on titles such as Penguins Vs Possums.  Luckily for us readers, their passion and fun results in our reward.


Whichever side you choose: you owe it to yourself to read Penguins Vs Possums


If you haven’t yet, head over to where all 6 issues of Penguins vs Possums are available and enjoy the ride.


Comic Review: Penguins VS Possums #6



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  1. Dave October 14, 2015 at 11:50 am -

    I can’t wait to read this! Sounds awesome!!

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