Comic Review – Penguins Vs Possums: Issue #8

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Comic Review: Penguins VS Possums Issue #8


Written By: Sebastian Kadlecik, John Bring, & Lindsay Calhoon Bring

Art By: Sebastian Kadlecik & John Bring


Also available as a coloring book variant cover

All wars must come to an end; the one raging between mortal enemies Penguins & Possums is no different.  With issue 8 of Penguins VS Possums, Fanbase Press has delivered to us the “conclusion” of the war that had erupted from the dens and ice and had spilled out into the human world way back in issue #1


Since I first read PvP:volume 1 in spring of 2014, the promise of an all out epic ending to the story we were seeing unfold always seemed to be there lurking just in the background.  With this concluding issue, Kadlecik, Bring & Calhoon Bring have created 40 pages of almost non-stop action without losing any of the heart, laughs, pop culture references, and good natured self awareness that has made this series one of the best independently created comics I could recommend.

            When the Penguins finally descend into the Possums cavernous den, intent on finishing off their sworn enemy once and for all, the body count is high and the losses mount huge on both sides.  Neither marsupial nor bird is safe, with many surprises still in hand, sacrifices to be made, & the betrayals are not yet over either…..


As a send off, Penguins Vs Possums Issue #8: Doomsday could not do any better.  Some threads that have existed from the first issue are pulled on and tightened up in a bow, while others are blown sky high.  Humans are still existent in this universe, yet wisely kept behind our titular characters in a reversal of standard norms that works better than you’d think possible.  Oh, and the finale for those humans?  Let’s just hope that even if we may have seen the end to this war, that we haven’t seen the end of this comic series.

Penguins Vs Possums is an enjoyable read as grand as the battle that rages inside its covers.  The varying lightness and drama of the script along with its striking art takes what should be a silly sounding subject matter playing out on a slew of post-it notes into a comic book that is as gripping as it is fun.

Choose a Side.  But choose Possums Vs Penguins

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