Comic Review – Quince #2

Posted on by Adam Bunch

Comic Review: Quince #2

Written By: Kit Steinkellner

Illustrated By: Emma Steinkellner

Created By: Sebastian Kadlecik


So if YOU suddenly found yourself in possession of some strange type of superpowers just as you were getting dressed for your Quinceañera, it would clearly be a dream brought on by the stress of the day right? Right?  Well, not for Lupe.



Issue #2 of the digital comic Quince brought to us by Kit & Emma Steinkellner and the wonderful folks over at Fanbase Press picks up directly where issue #1 left off, with Lupe discovering (but not necessarily believing) that she has been endowed with superpowers, not in the way that she’d preferably choose “Saving a bus full of hot guys…” but instead by literally blowing up the restroom at her own Quinceañera.  Thank goodness for family though, as we start to get the sense that this new road Lupe is starting to journey down, may in fact be one that has been traveled before.


Quince deftly, and with the voice of someone who has been through the stages of awkward adolescence, brings such a natural and honest look at the horrors of growing up and past those childhood stages, of what it feels like to suddenly feel totally uncomfortable in your skin while at the same time not understanding the changes happening inside of you.

            Emma’s illustrations & Kit’s writings do a hermoso trabajo to tell a story that while obviously is told from the standpoint of a Latina teen and her family, feels like a life that almost anyone could relate to on multiple levels.  The subject matter never gets too serious, yet doesn’t speak down to its audience either.  Only 2 issues in, Quince is shaping up to be one of those books that respects and identifies with it’s audience, while still being able to connect with a larger whole.  I look forward to seeing what Lupe’s 15th year will bring for her, and for us.


Quince is available in English or in Spanish directly on Comixology, or at the Fanbase Press website.



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