Comic Review: Quince #3

Posted on by Adam Bunch

Comic Review: Quince Issue #3


Written By: Kit Steinkelner

Illustrated By: Emma Steinkelner

Created By: Sebastian Kadlecik

Available at Comixology or at  Fanbasepress  in either English or in Spanish


So you just turned 15 years old, celebrated your Quinceañera, destroyed a bathroom, and now are flying high above the city with only minimal control while trying to not drop your cell.  Sounds perfect right?  I didn’t think so, and Lupe doesn’t either.  Stumbling through her window confused, scared, and still wearing her Quinceañera dress, she’s lucky enough to have her Abuela waiting for her.  And with more answers than Lupe thought possible; after all she can’t be the only one who goes through these changes as she’s becoming a woman can she?

Quince continues to shine here in multiple areas.  Writer Kit Steinkelner and artist Emma Steinkelner faithfully bring Lupe’s emotions to bear on the readers without feeling contrived.  The artwork is simplistic yet strong, and script truly feels personal.  The relationships we have here in issue 3, as well as the family connection to Lupe’s new experiences are brought more to the forefront, while still making clear that there is much more we have to explore during her 15th year.  Like just because you have superpowers, doesn’t mean you get to skip school, and with her Abuela set to potentially guide her along the way, maybe things won’t get out of control. (I bet they still will)


Quince continues to deliver a fun coming of age story for Lupe, a budding superhero adventure, and a heartfelt family tale all wrapped up in an authentic feeling, all ages comic.  3 issues in, and I’m already regretting that it will one day end.

Comic Review: Quince #3


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