Comic Review The Gamma Gals #2

Posted on by Adam Bunch

Gamma Gals Issue #2

Story, Art, & Created By: Stefano Terry

            In issue 1 of The Gamma Gals, creator Stefano Terry gave us a fun and lengthy setup of the three D&D playing, gamma irradiated heroes of Brightstone City.   Returning with issue 2 from publisher Fanbase Press, Gamma Gals drops us directly into the middle of a battle between our teenage trio and a new character we get to see right on the cover, Bunkbuster.


While the opening battle takes up almost half of this issue, it does so in much the same fun, action packed style that we saw in issue #1, yet still expands and escalates it throughout the entirety of the first dozen or so pages.  At times, it does get difficult to clearly delineate what each character can do with their powers, but each of the Gals gets a moment to falter and to shine, while Bunkbuster keeps them on their toes.  Once they have their chance to finally take him down however, an unlikely ally arrives to save the day.  One who is known to the gals in the unmasked world of Brightstone High, but whose motives and identity is hidden as the questionable Zero G.

Outside of the action that takes a step forward in this issue, the rest of the story beats do as well.  Terry’s panels depicting the interactions at school are again a welcome addition, and come across quite naturalistic in their delivery.  Much like real life though, not everyone sees things the same way, and friction starts to brew between the gals when a former foe seems to be changing his ways, and not all of them are quick to forgive and forget.

            Aside from simply delivering a solid, fun, engaging teenage superhero story, Stefano Terry continues to build the world around the Gamma Gals.  We get a big development with the introduction of Dynacorp and their alliterative named leader, who seems to have a large stake in the well being of Brightstone.  Exactly how much remains yet to be seen.


Gamma Gals #2 delivers a fun for all issue; with enjoyable characters, solid art & panels that change throughout, vibrant colors that leap off the page, and a story that keeps the page turning in your hands.  Halfway through this 4 issue series, I look forward to seeing what is next for Harriet/Flux, Kira/Powerhouse, and Sue/Tempest.  Pick it up at Fanbase Press or on Comixology.  This is truly one of the best uses of .99 cents you’ll find.  You can also pre-order the trade for release later this summer.  If you order by June 7th, you will receive an exclusive signed print by creator Stefano Terry.

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