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The site is now 2 days old amigos, bear with us as we gather and write new articles, reviews, and general jackassery! And, oh yeah, welcome to! Bookmark it. Create a shortcut. Hell, get it tattooed on your shoulder. Chicks dig tattoos. And scars.

We’re just some regular guys who wanted a place to unload all of our ideas, opinions, info and whatnot in one place. We’re not paid movie or game reviewers, but we probably watch more movies and play more games than the “pros” do. What you’ll get from us is honest and up front, not “hey they paid me a thousand bucks to say Zelda was better than Skyrim” crap. 😉 Flaming begin…

We’re trying to constantly update with fresh content and unique opinions on life, moves, games, and the occasional drunk weekend or 3 we usually have. You probably won’t see a review for the latest and greatest Hollywood blockbuster show up here the night it releases, I mean, unless one of us goes and sees it. What you might find is a review for The Hunt For Red October or The Neverending Story pop up, cause if a beer or 2 is cracked at 2am we might wax sentimental and write outlandish but heartwarming reviews on some of our old fav’s. Epic reviews covering the finer points of why a Russian sub captain at the height of the Cold War had a Scottish accent, or why the screen always flickers on level 2-1 of Super Mario Brothers right after you knock the free life mushroom out of the brick in the ceiling.


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