DC and Fox to join their Comic Cinematic Universes

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DC and Fox to join their Comic Cinematic Universes


If you are running a studio, and you feel that outside influences are intervening in a way to negatively influence the successes of your properties, or you seem to make crap movie after crap movie; you seem to have 2 choices: Beat them or join them.  Sony Studios clearly went the former direction, putting some differences aside and working things out (at least on paper) with Disney and Marvel Studios in an agreement that not only beings Spiderman into the world of Captain America: Civil War, but also lends creative help from Marvel to Sony to help them produce the new Spiderman re-launch.  Well, it looks like Fox and DC think they can do one better.


In a stunning move, Warner Brothers & DC comics are joining together with Fox to combine their separate comic universes into one in what is an apparent stab at the heart of Disney’s dominance.  As strange as this may sound on the surface, for some it makes perfect sense.  DC has just kicked off their DC Films universe with the record setting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, while Fox’s last Fantastic Four film clearly was a mess of an experience for everyone involved.  In addition, the X-Men films are currently about to release their 6th film in the series, and growing a little long in the tooth, so it looks like that will be the kicking off point for bringing these 2 universes into one.


            The separate franchises that we are being told will be combined are: 1st, Justice League vs The X-Men.  Set to kick off Feb 29th 2018, written and directed by – and this may be the best news of all, Joss freaking Whedon.  A return to the superhero genre isn’t a surprise for the man who blew us away with Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, though the timing might be, as he seemed to be tired of the long job.  Reports are that Warners and DC are giving Joss carte blanche on the project, and after the issues that predicated the divorce from Disney, that may have been all he needed.  If that seems exciting though, the other big news may be even more so.


Only a few months later, on June 31st 2018 Edgar Wright will get his potentially biggest movie to date (and a little payback towards Disney as well) as Fantastic Four & The Green Lanterns will bring together the two sci-fi properties into one in a movie that at least will forgo the “versus” in the title that has been so popular lately.  That the first family of space has the potential to team up with the green guardians of earth is absolutely fascinating to me, and that someone as visionary as Wright will be able to tell this tale seems almost too good to be true.  One could only hope that this could actually turn into the type of fantastical universe spanning story that the Star Trek reboot should have been.


The potential for joining these two separate universes simply cannot be overstated.  Can it really be long before we hear about Deadpool meeting Lobo?  Or the X-Force crossing paths with Justice League Dark? Swamp Thing vs Man thing? Comic fanboys can only dream… and spend money.  Lots & lots of money.


DC and Fox to join their Comic Cinematic Universes


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