Fan Film: Darkest Knight

Posted on by Dave

Check out what our friend Jason is up to with his upcoming fan film, Darkest Knight!

Darkest Knight is a fan made film from writer/director Jason Onorad!

Darkest Knight takes place one year after the events of The Dark Knight Rises. Gotham is at peace and crime is at an all time low, with motivated citizens working together to keep the city safe,. At the same time, ex-police officer John Blake is dealing with the events of the past as well as the legacy presented before him. After quitting the police force, he continued to live his life, trying to forget those events, while remembering what Batman left to him.

All is not as peaceful as it sounds, however, as Gotham’s most insane criminal has broken out of jail and, with Batman gone, threatens to bring the entire city to it’s knees! As events begin to get worse and worse, and familiar faces begin to appear, Blake slowly begins to realize that Gotham needs a new hero. With the same gritty realism as the Dark Knight trilogy, Darkest Knight will be a psychological action film that will please Batman fans everywhere with returning characters, and one that has never been brought to a live-action film before! You do not want to miss Darkest Knight! Set for release in October, 2012!

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