Game Review – Conker’s Bad Fur Day (N64)

Posted on by Dave

Nintendo 64

Rated:  M – Mature
Publisher:  Rare
Release:  2001
Players:  1 – 4

Conker’s Bad Fur Day, a game neck deep in crap jokes, foul language, self defecation, and overall drunken bliss….and we LOVE it!  The best part about it is that Rare actually had the guts to release this gem and Nintendo let them do it, a ballsy move for sure, and a testament to the fact that video games are not just for kids.

CBFD puts you in the shoes of an alcoholic little British squirrel named Conker, who leaves a bar one night drunk off his ass only to stumble outside and puke all over the place.  With no idea the next morning where the hell you are, you try and find your way home and along the way meet some pret-ty interesting characters.  This game sort of plays like Banjo-Kazooie, in which you enter different “portals” to play individual levels.  The “levels” are what make Bad Fur Day so damn interesting.  This game was designed as a sort of spoof, with each level slightly spoofing some big Hollywood movie.  One level has you fighting a giant cyborg with an over the top Terminator/Arnold voice.  It’s hilarious!  You might also find yourself running around in black leather doing insane jumps and stunts that screams Matrix!  What about storming a very familiar beach in fantasy WWII against an army of killer teddy bears….Private Ryan never would have made it through this!  But with all the spoofing, some levels are very original, and equally if not more hilarious.  One has you pitted against a huge monster made entirely of sh*t, who sings a gut-wrenching opera while hurling balls of crap at you.  Or a broomstick who cusses up a storm and then attacks you with the aid of enchanted haystacks!  Sounds crazy, but it’s funnier than hell, and with a few beers in ya, you might have a seizure.

The graphics in Bad Fur Day are great, with lots of colors and good texturing for N64 era games!  The sound however is where this game stands out and grabs you by the..umm…..arm!  With full speech throughout the entire game, each character has his or her own unique voice and personality.  Drunken Irish Bumble Bees, a pissed off Scottish scarecrow with a few choice words, and Conker himself with a hilarious British accent that whispers Ozzy Osbourn, are just a few of the many.  My favorite though is the huge crap monster who sings about sweet corn and how his “starfish” will end your existence!  All in all this game rocks, yet sadly, lacks something very important….a point.  Mostly, unless you have some strong urge to beat the game, you’ll find yourself replaying certain levels just to get a laugh at some hilarious conversation or event.  But, I guess this game was perhaps made with the intention to offend and entertain people, two things that spell success, right?!  Anyway, good game, no point, just freakin’ funny!

Fun Factor: 7 – Very fun at first, but the game itself lacks direction, the humor makes up for it all though.

Graphics: 9 – Nothing groundbreaking, but at the time, they rocked!

Sound: 10 – Amazing full speech throughout the game, and it’s a cartridge-based game!  The voice acting will make you bust a gut!

Control: 8 – Same ol’ N64 3D platform controls, easy to learn

Lasting Appeal: 7 – A great game, but some may get bored with the design and just replay stuff for the laughs, not to actually complete it.  Multiplayer is adequate..nothing special


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