Game Review: Skylanders & Skylanders Giants (3DS) 2012

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Skylanders & Skylanders Giants (swap force too but nothing to review as of yet)

Review by Thadiosmaximus

Publisher: Activision
System: 3DS
Price:$74.99 – with new portal

I typically review each game in a series separately, but there is such a small difference between these two I don’t see any reason to do so. Gameplay and graphics on the 3DS is pretty good, over all but I would say that the largest issue arrives in the form of control. Jumping can seem nearly impossible most of the time, and if the platform you are jumping to is moving, good luck. This is compounded with an over the shoulder camera angle that is just not cooperative. The game has a portal just like its console brethren, but you can’t swap characters whenever you like. Instead, you load 2 Skylanders into the game while on Flynn’s ship which is a hub world allowing you to pick levels and change some other minor options. This makes completing all task a real pain because just like the console version, you need certain types of Skylanders to open certain areas. The core of the game is a solid, good story with fun gameplay, but I just can’t get past the bad controls.


Final Review – The bad controls and the bad jumping mechanic unfortunately weigh this game down, which is funny because if you read my console review, my complaint was not jumping. I would say if you’re a huge Skylanders fan…get it. If you aren’t…don’t bother. With Swap Force coming out and being retooled for consoles in ways fans obviously want, one can hope the 3DS version will as well.

Fun Factor:  7 – This game is HARD!!!! they gave you jump, but well it is hard too. The 3D is cool but seems to be one of the issues with jumping. Only being able to switch Skylanders at Flynn’s ship “a hub world when you aren’t in levels” makes collecting items a pain

Graphics:  8 – the graphics are pretty good for a DS game

Sound:  5 – yep it makes noises, has music. but nothing to wow you.

Control:  4 – the controls make this game hard, jumping is a pain, button lay out is difficult to get used to.

Lasting Appeal:  6 – the game is fun, but the bad bits make it so hard!

60% – Playable



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