Graphic Novel Review – “Identity Thief”

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Review By David Mayne

Identity Thief
Written by Bryant Dillon
Art by Meaghan O’Keefe
Produced and Edited by Barbra Dillon
Co-Produced by Sam Rhodes

Welcome to the first of hopefully many new graphic novel reviews, courtesy of our partners over at! First up, a dark and eerily disturbing quick-read called Identity Thief.

Starting fresh in a new apartment always feels good, especially when you have someone there to share the experience with. For Daphne and Craig, the chance to begin a life together in their new place seems a breath of fresh air. We don’t get too big a glimpse into either one of their pasts except to say that our boy Craig comes with a bit of baggage. Identity Thief almost seems to tell two separate stories at once. One side of this dark and shadowy coin tells of this young couple’s new beginning and the underlying issues Craig must deal with to ensure that their relationship holds together. The other, which makes a nod to the novel’s title, is that of a strange being or creature that lives in the couple’s attic, a place that seems to draw Craig to it, although he never really gets the chance to fully investigate.

Over the course of the next few nights, we get small glimpses of the creature’s nocturnal activities, which seem to be centered around “getting to know” Daphne and Craig (while they sleep). Without giving too much away, Identity Thief seeks to tell a short story of a troubled young couple whose problems begin to compound while unknowingly sharing their home with a creature whose intentions are both mysterious and frightening.

I found Identity Thief to be a fairly straight-forward read with no real low points. The story was tight and fast, and although readers will be able to fly through this one in 15-20 minutes, the artwork by Meaghan O’Keefe keeps the eyes engaged with its dark and malevolent themes, while writer Bryant Dillon weaves a creepy and even somewhat touching story to bring it all together. It’s great to read fresh horror that tickles the imagination and leaves you with a few unanswered questions while still ending in a way that seems satisfying.

4 out of 5A very fast but thoroughly enjoyable read. Would love to see more done with this mythos in future installments!

You can preview and buy Identity Thief here!


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