Graphic Novel Review – ‘The Arcs’

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Adam Bunch

The Arcs
Created & Written by Michael D. Poisson, Art by Matt Jacobs, Lettering by Oceano Ransford, Cover Colorist Carlos Badilla.

Centuries after God’s abdication from Earth, the Seven Archangels are trapped in a losing war against Lucifer and his demonic forces.  Unable to ascend into Heaven, unable to even die, the Arcs were tasked by the Almighty to keep humanity safe from Lucifer until His return.  But, as time ticks on, as more and more angels are clawed to shreds by the demons, as angels begin to lose faith and join the hellions, the Arcs must face the real question: what if God isn’t coming back to save them?


That synopsis, from the back cover of Fanboy Comics’ The Arcs gives you a general idea what you are about to experience by reading this 80 page Black & White graphic novel, yet still doesn’t properly prepare you for the thought-provoking, soul-searching (pun fully intended) action packed and emotionally gripping story brought forth by writer/ creator Michael D. Poisson.

5279ea8eef529_228075nIn early pages, we get to see six of the Archangels guiding their own troops and their individual purposes in our world, Raphael: charged with miracles, Gabriel: leading the warriors against dark forces, Metatron: God’s herald, Azrael: the head Guardian Angel, Uriel: driving the Messenger Angels, and of course, Michael: The Head of all angels.  With each of these Arcs being forced to remain on earth by His design, watching human souls being granted access to Heaven while they must stay, through the centuries watching over Earth; even the Archangels eventually find themselves in moments of doubt, pride, failure, and loss.  Not to be forgotten amongst them all is Barachiel: Weaving his tapestry of the history of Earth from an infinite number of individual threads.

The Arcs, on its surface may sound like a heavy-handed, biblical type of story put into the pages of a graphic novel.  Let me assure you that this is not the case.  While the underlying themes and images are certainly supernatural in nature, what we see the population of Earth suffering through feels very modern and relevant, while watching how the Arcs themselves must try to save the world, possibly in sacrifice of themselves as individuals and certainly as a team draws you into the story hard, and keeps those pages turning in your hands.

5279eaa13c238_228075nWe’ve all been on a roller coaster right?  Well, that description may perfectly fit this book.  Told in one volume over 5 chapters, after the steady, anticipatory trip to the crest of the setup, the rest of the story dips, turns, flips you over and has you wanting to yell out at times and cover your eyes at others.  The artwork by Matt Jacobs perfectly compliments what the story conveys.  Certain pages are smooth and peaceful, while others are brutal, violent, and impactful in ways that only an “independent” type comic would bring us. (I use that term solely out of respect, not derision)

The Arcs takes risks where many others would simply not have the nerve to do so.  Violent, explicit, exciting and sorrowful; it is a title that I highly recommend you pick up, and if you are anything like me, you will be eagerly anticipating Volume 2.


The Skinny:
+ Delicate & respectful telling of adult themes including religious characters
+ Engaging story that gets its hooks in you and won’t let go
+ Great artwork and lettering is quite impressive
–  With no colors to distinguish them, at times you may pause to remember which characters are which


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