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By: Kyle Chaput

The Visitor (2008)

From writer/director Thomas McCarthy (win win), comes an enriching story of  a man trying to find himself and ends up finding a whole lot more as he comes home one day to find a married couple with no place to go, living at his residence. Richard Jenkins (Burn after reading), who does a superb job and earned an academy award nomination, proves that even after years of being an actor on the side, he can hold his own as the lead in this touching drama.  If you’re looking for laughs, as McCarthy’s other films provide, The Visitor is not for you. If you’re looking for a mellow, feel good story with a possible tear at the end, then this is not one to pass up. Good double feature with the station agent for a McCarthy double shot!


Detention (2012)

This movie was stupid, careless, and showed no respect for you’re average script writing. I loved it!!! Had everything that your average teenage based, horror/comedy needed, and that is:  complete ignorance. If you’re one of those people that run around and say, “Oh man, that movie was dumb”, stay away and don’t look back because this is exactly the kind of film that they wanted to make, and they hit their goal on a genius level!

Brought to you by director Joseph Kahn (Tourque), who also wrote Mark Palermo, is the strangest, all-over-the-place story of the year, so far. Starring Josh Hutcherson (The hunger games), Dane Cook (Waiting), and Spencer Locke (Resident Evil extinction and afterlife), this brings the combo action of cheesy gore, perverted laughs, and a trip down memory lane as it mocks our favorites of the past, present, and future. So if your looking for a brainless good time and the feeling of “what the hell did I just watch”, don’t miss out on THIS funfest! Good double feature with Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil!


The Hunter (2012)

Totally different from what I was expecting writer/director Daniel Nettheim (Angst) to bring to the screen from Julia Leigh’s book of tbe same name.  Very slow paced, and quite honestly, saved by the excellent acting talent of Willem Dafoe (Platoon), is the tale of a mercernary hired to hunt down the supposedly extinct creature called the tasmanian tiger. As Dafoe’s charachter spends more time at his temporary homestead, he builds a relationship with the family that puts him up, while building a resistance to some of the locals and the ex husband of the woman who lives there.

If you’re thinking that The Hunter will be action-packed, you are way off base, as there is little of it, instead focusing on the scenery and visuals. I have to say, as someone that pretty much likes anything he watches, I really could have held-off on this one. A fantastic story throughout, but the fact that I was waiting for some high-speed action that never really happened, left me feeling bland.

Also starring Sam Neil (Jurassic Park) and Frances O’ Connor(Windtalkers), this is purely a daytime rainy day flick as you wait for the time to pass. Good double feature with Shoot To Kill, starring Tom Berenger and Sidney Poiter.

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