Let’s Play “NAM”!

Posted on by Dave

Dave runs through the first level of the sleeper cult-classic PC shooter from 1998, NAM!

The player assumes the role of Alan “The Bear” Westmoreland, a United States Marine Corps Sergeant. The story begins with a deadly Viet Cong raid, where you are left to survive of your own accord. The player must deal with various firefights, ambushes, booby traps, snipers, air strikes, anti-personnel mines, and more in order to finish their way to the end of each level.

The player is placed in the center of the Vietnam war in 1966, playing as Westmoreland, who is a very deadly and highly trained U.S. Marine. Westmoreland is under the command of the Central Intelligence Agency and has undergone genetic engineering to become a super human war machine. He is given standard military orders, and is usually placed alone or with small teams, pitted against overwhelming odds. To prove himself a successful experiment, he must survive several tours of duty in order to show that the side effects of the serum can be overcome.

Let’s Play “NAM”!

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