Movie Fails – A worst-of List!

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According to some of the staff, the following films have made the latest list of all-time movie failures: do you agree with them?


“Staying off the mainstream bandwagon (Twilight, Hunger Games – which most people loved, Howard the Duck, Star Whores…), I think I will go with… well fuck it… Hunger Games. I guess my beef is not entirely with the film (although the over taming of the fight scenes is lame given the story and that they are the PRIMARY reason for the story) but with the story itself. It was designed to sell multiple books/movies and not at all for good content. For some reason we live in a world with exactly ’50 shades of gray’ and eat this stuff up like 600 calorie frappachinos. THE STORY SUCKED and YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD FOR LIKING IT 😉

It started off very interesting and I can only assume the book had better details on the battle scenes. When the uprising started I really began to enjoy the idea of the film but then in less than 1 minute the entire story changes direction and goes on to sell the next installment. How did a cake-maker paint himself (he entire head was painted INTO a rock to match the surroundings) into a rock and then two people who didnt like each other all the sudden are ‘in love’. Everything felt forced in the second half and only a long setup to take more money while providing no content. This story didn’t tell us anything about these people, ourselves, human nature, or any moral what-so-ever. Purely a VERY overhyped story designed specifically to target your wallet multiple times. It could have been a great story but it was ruined 50% of the way into the first film. Garrett hates Health Ledger and I hate The Hunger Games… and overpriced coffee.”


“Blair witch project, the movie was boring and awful. It wasn’t scary at all. And the acting sucked.”





“My biggest movie fail is going to be Revolver by Guy Ritchie. After his almost flawless first couple of films (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells and Snatch) his attempt at a film aimed at a broader audience was just a horrible mess of bad acting, poor direction and confusing story. His work after that has gotten him back on track, but Revolver was just a terrible movie and one in which I have no desire to revisit.”




“I feel they are a waste of good time and money. Yes the may be comedic but they could spend more time and effort into making movies that are worth a damn.”





“Johnny Depp’s character was idiotic and gave Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a bad name. I’m surprised Gene Wilder didn’t have a heart attack when that movie came out! ROFLSCISSORS!”





“To ruin an epic franchise, not to mention a movie I had waited 16 years to see pretty much sealed the deal for me that George Lucas no longer cared. This bag of sh*t with the name Star Wars stamped on it was an utter let down from start to finish, with stupid dialogue, asinine scenes, and crummy production that left a bad taste in my mouth for years. OK…Darth Maul WAS cool…for all FIVE minutes he’s actually IN the goddamn movie! Then they kill him…really?! Best thing about the movie…maybe the new trilogy as a whole, and you kill it? FAILURE!”

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