Movie Review – Atrocious (2010)

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By David Mayne

As the name implies…this film is quite simply…

Here we go again with found footage films. As you probably know by now, this genre of film is not our favorite, with perhaps the few exceptions like The Blair Witch Project or the more recent, V/H/S.

We also make terrible movies.

The latest guy to jump on the shaky-cam bandwagon is Spanish writer and director, Fernando Barreda Luna. Taking obvious and glaring cues from the previously mentioned Blair Witch Project, Luna attempts to capitalize upon the found footage genre by crafting an incredibly boring and uninspired mess that trudges dreadfully along for its 1:13 run time.

Let me give you Amigos the quick and dirty. The setup is cliché found footage fare: family found dead, tapes found, yada, yada, weird ending.

In this case, you get to watch brother and sister, Cristian and July, who are on holiday with their younger brother and parents, traipse through the woods surrounding their summer home for roughly an hour. The final 10 minutes actually does get interesting, but by the time you finally get to this point in the film, you’re so bored and jaded that you don’t really care anymore.

Shot in Spain, likewise in Spanish, Atrocious is obviously subtitled. Not a problem, but the dialogue is so run-of-the-mill and the characters so underdeveloped that by 15 minutes in you could give a crap less who lives and who dies.

There is no point going on about this wreck. If you do end up watching it, seriously fast-forward to the 60 minute mark and watch the final minutes. It won’t make much sense, but it’s the only “horror” scene in an otherwise mediocre melodrama.

1.5 out of 5

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