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Starring: Jason Jones, Boyd Banks, Peter Keleghan, Dave Foley, Jennifer Baxter, Mike Beaver, Samantha Bee
Directed By: Warren P. Sonoda

Christmas Vacation + The Blair Witch Project + LOTS of Jack Daniels = Coopers Christmas

Ok, it was late. REALLY late…..on a work night. Why the hell was I up, let alone watching movies for? Because, Amigos don’t sleep, you know this! We have a duty to our fans, a sacred responsibility to bring them the very BEST in entertainment news and review; an oath handed down throughout the centuries: to stand vigil while the good people sleep soundly in their beds!  For our gallant sacrifices, we are not paid. We are not rewarded. NO! Our payment…our rewards…are in the joy we bring to millions the world round! Rejoice, I say, and ye unto thee that doth enjoyeth thine reviews..eth. Or something.

Anyway, amongst the non-stop gaggle f*ck of “found footage” flicks coming out these days, Netflix seems in no short supply of the genre, and I’d even go so far as to say that they go out of their way to find these lemons to pad their diverse video selection, hoping to feed all the midnight winos, insomniacs, and night owls. In other words, me.

Coopers Christmas sets itself up accordingly, with the standard, recently discovered archival footage disclaimer, displaying no shame as to what it is. And what it is, contrary to what most people might be thinking right now, is:  Genius!

The year is 1985 and the Cooper family patriarch, Gord Cooper (Jason Jones), presents his family with their first (used) VHS camcorder, which the youngest son, Teddy (Dylan Everett), soon takes over and proceeds to document the incredibly dysfunctional Christmas festivities at the Cooper home. From the chain-smoking grandma, deaf-as-a-doorknob grandfather, Star Wars fanatic older brother, and balls-drunk Uncle Nick, to the self-defeated Gord himself, Coppers Christmas is a ticking time-bomb of hilarious proportions from the very beginning. When Gord’s smooth-talking, estranged older brother Tim (Peter Keleghan) arrives, the party is kicked into overdrive as Gord has always suspected his wife and Tim of having an affair. As the booze flows and the dick-n-fart jokes abound, Coopers Christmas gets better and better with each scene.

What makes this flick work, at least in my mind, it that if you were around in the 80’s and old enough to remember it, you’re sure to remember holidays at least somewhat like this. On some level, everyone had an Uncle Nick, complete with the haircut, bulbous moustache, and overt Cosby sweater. Not to say my family was a bunch of devolving drunks, but the hilarity of a bunch of people who only get together once a year, if that, and the dialogue and situations that go along with it is something most people can relate to!

Shot from the perspective of the younger brother, Teddy, the video is shaky and random, but poignant, with rarely a useless scene in an otherwise spiraling chronicle of a seriously dysfunctional family; not to mention the camera’s previous owner didn’t erase the video tape that was left in the camera, providing random glimpses of it’s naughty history. Don’t go into this one expecting the second coming of Christ or anything, just crack a few beers and enjoy it for what it’s sure to accomplish: making you laugh HARD! This is definitely one for the DVD collection!


4 out of 5

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