Movie Review – The Campaign (2012)

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By Devin Steffens

Starring Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis

How politics really are…

Set your IQ to barely-functioning-human-being before you go to see this one! On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself on a Will Ferrell bashing-rant, and this film barely scrapped by with little comment from me as to Will, or the cookie cutter character he always seems to play.

The Campaign covers a Congressional district election in which naïve simpleton with daddy issues, Marty Huggins (Galifianakis), is paid large sums money by a typical big corporation to run against the previously unopposed and complacently moronic Cam Brady (Ferrell). The movie covers 14 weeks in which the candidates delve into the sinister world of politics which leaves them both questioning how far they would go to destroy, defame, and blackmail the other to win, but it feather’s out pretty quickly with the very tired and worn “Do the Right Thing” theme.

The Campaign has an ironic sense of standing-still, even though we progress over a series of weeks with the characters in the film and their “campaigns”. Both sides of the ballot are set up on comedic display and it is a perfect mix of comedy, with a standing truth that we as Americans have come to tolerate with the voting and election system.

The comedy that ensues in this film is complimented by the duo of Ferrell and Galifianakis, enhanced by the largely familiar cast we have come to almost expect in over the top comedies that tear into a certain American ideal or way of life. That said, all of the characters felt like they were thrown in at the last second and many felt as if they had no real role, nor comedic value. Then again, they could have been funny but they were shadowed by the absolutely ridiculous and sometimes annoying combination of Will and Zach. As expected however, and like all other Will Ferrell films, The Campaign falls flat on it face with the same slapstick humor that feels redundant and over-used. The eccentricity of Zach clearly out shines Will in The Campaign more than once, and like all other characters that Zach has played, we feel a certain creepiness and dislike for him. I feel little injustice at the shortness of this review. The movie felt short and the only compliments I can give are to Zach and Will’s acting combination as well as the sheer correctness that points directly in the face of everyday voters along with the people that we vote for.

The only part of The Campaign that I can dub as “my favorite” was the political commercials that take mud-racking to an all new level, and one that will soon plague our Youtube channels and television screens. On a scale of Nun to Fanboy:  I sat at “Caring Husband eating the first attempt at his new wife’s burnt cooking”. Simply put, The Campaign is a political-comedy with little flavor and a lot of over done character personalities.

2 out of 5

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