Nintendo Switch Gets Skyrim, L.A. Noire, Farming Simulator, And Doom Within A Single Week

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Nintendo Switch has already received a good number of awesome games, but if you’ve been holding out for big, mature AAA titles on the platform, you’ll soon get your wish. In the space of a single week, Skyrim, Doom, Farming Simulator 17, and L.A. Noire all launch on the platform.

Even though the games have been out for a while on other platforms, it’s still a pretty awesome week for Switch owners, as they can pick up a huge RPG, an over-the-top FPS, an overwhelmingly addictive farming simulator, and a fantastic crime-solving adventure game.

We already knew the release dates of Skyrim and L.A. Noire, but Bethesda just revealed Doom’s date today. The shooter is coming out on November 10, and it’ll come with the full game and all the DLC released on other platforms.

Skyrim (yes…the Special Edition!), meanwhile, will be released on November 17, and it comes with all three of Skyrim’s expansions. It also features motion controls and Amiibo support. Finally, L.A. Noire launches right between Skyrim and Doom, on November 14. It, too, comes with all the DLC, and it includes some Switch-specific control schemes.

Even though these are older games, it’s good to see AAA developers supporting the platform with their big titles. Bethesda is even bringing at least one of its newer releases to the platform–Wolfenstein II is slated for launch on Switch sometime in 2018.


Source: Gamesradar

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