Proof of Time Travel?

Posted on by Dave

Time travel is one of the most mysterious science fiction theories that people have. Many believe the government hast the ability to time travel but aren’t yet sharing it with the public. Others believe that there’s no way time travel is possible and that if it were, we would know by now because we would have been contacted by someone from the future! But perhaps we have! Every so often, someone might notice a picture that just doesn’t seem right throughout history. Here is a collection of those pictures that prove that time travel exists! **These are NOT fake.

#18 – Hipster In Time?

This was one of the first photographs to appear that made people really think that time travel is possible. Many of the men are wearing hats and professional looking clothing while this guy has a sweater and a t-shirt with some sort of logo on. He’s also rocking some seriously modern shades and even has a pocket sized camera around his neck!


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