Quince #12 Advance Comic Review

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Advance Comic Review:
Quince #12
Written by: Kit Steinkellner
Illustrated by: Emma Steinkellner
Created by: Sebastian Kadlecik

You’ve had superpowers that you’ve had to deal with since they were sprung on you at your quinceañera; you’ve trained, protected, helped others, and still managed to (mostly) stay out of trouble during your 15th year all the while studying and making your may through high school. So with that 15th year quickly coming to an end, clearly things are about to get easier and calm down right?  Wrong.

Even the covers keep getting better & better

       In this issue of Quince – the 12th, writer Kit & artist Emma Steinkellner still continue to find ways to keep our character’s journey interesting and constantly changing. Our hero / villain showdown that we had set up at the end of the last issue doesn’t resolve itself easily, even if Lupe would like to think it has and could just move past.

if you’ve been in high school, you’ve been there

       Masks, powers & heroics aren’t the only things that are fleshed out in creative/ fun ways though. Quince #12 makes good use of our time in high school, not only with Lupe, but with her tutor/crush Devin. It’s here that we get a couple pages so authentically written and illustrated that it takes me right back to high school in all its glory and nervous anticipation.  I am already eagerly awaiting the upcoming issues, as I cannot wait to see how her multiple story threads wrap up their tales.

Abuela from a previous issue. And she’s STILL right.

       As we’ve seen, our family moments in Quince are extremely relatable and seem so authentic that they must be recreations of conversations by either of the Steinkellner sisters or creator Sebastian Kadlecik. Lupe’s Abuela is the grandmother most of us have probably had in our lives; for better, and for worse.  Knowing that she’s gone through what Lupe has gone through, and that her advice is spot on the money, it brings me back to so many conversations with my own grandparents growing up.

       Quince is a coming of age tale that never loses its sense of fun while still holding on to a sense of wonder & amazement.  Available in both English & Spanish for only .99 an issue, it’s a story well worth your time for yourself and to share with others.

Quince is published by Fanbase Press

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