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David Mayne

Platforms: Android/iOS

Mobile RPG/dungeon-crawler fans rejoice! Hold your hands up and praise the indie-videogame gods for what I’m about to bestow upon ye. Quest Lord is a single player dungeon crawler from the mind of prog/dev Eric Kinkead and features an epic journey across a massive map chock-full of ice caves, dense forests, castles, towns, kingdoms, mountains, and more.

When you first fire up Quest Lord, you must create your character from one of 3 races: Human, Dwarf, or Elf. As a lone warrior tasked with saving the Shattered Realm from impending doom, you take on the role of Quest Lord, adventuring the land in search of, you guessed it, quests and loot. Along the way, you’ll find new weaponry and armor, battle scores of hideous monsters, and discover hidden underground cities and dungeons to raid.

Screenshot_2015-02-14-19-23-40One of Quest Lord’s greatest achievements is its easy and intuitive interface, allowing just about anyone to pick up and play Quest Lord with little to no prior knowledge of dungeon crawling goodness. Combat is incredibly simple, requiring only a swipe of your finger to swing your sword, axe, mace, or magical attack. Much like any RPG, your character level, stats (Bravery, Cunning, and Knowledge) and equipped gear determine your attack damage and likewise, defensive capability. While enemies start off easily enough, they can quickly become more and more difficult, especially if you venture into areas that you aren’t necessarily ready for.

Moving around is standard old-school dungeon-crawling, with the option to move forwards, backwards, and left/right turning. Although the ability to strafe would have been nice, I’m ok with its omission and believe it adds to the more basic “feel” of the game.  The inventory system is simple, with a set number of item slots for carrying food, potions, and loot as well as your equipped items like armor, shields, weapons, and jewelry. The ability to increase the inventory capacity is sadly missing, however, limiting your ability to loot large quantities of items without having to head to a town or castle to sell and trade in order to free up space.

Screenshot_2015-02-09-19-50-07Questing is fun, and the local and world maps work well enough, while a bit of planning to get around as the map doesn’t exactly spell out where things are. A golden cup icon gives you the general vicinity of the quest/item to explore, but it won’t pinpoint exactly where, requiring you to explore the areas fully in order to complete your particular task. Along the way, you will meet several people who will give you quests; from peasants and wizards to kings and queens of ay given kingdom. Quests range from finding lost artifacts, rescuing people, and retrieving supplies, to battling evil wizards and giant monsters.

Quest Lord also features over 100 NPC’s (non-player characters) who do everything from giving you earfuls of local lore to asking you to go on various quests throughout the Shattered Realm. Actually, I was surprised by the amount of lore that is packed into Quest Lord. From books and scrolls to NPC interactions, you are able to piece together the history of the land and its various legends if you care to take the time and read about it.

Screenshot_2015-02-09-19-54-52Graphically, Quest Lord looks straight out of the 80’s with its retro-pixel style. Creatures all look and sound unique, and you’ll start to look forward to the various kill-sounds when you topple an enemy. Speaking of sound, the music in Quest Lord is serviceable but repetitive. Muting it isn’t an option, but it doesn’t play all the time so just run Spotify in the background with The Lord of The Rings soundtrack or something.

Overall, Quest Lord is a wonderful dungeon crawler and well worth the $1.99 asking price. I’ve spent well over 20 hours in the Shattered Realm just wandering around killing foes and doing quests. For an easy pick-up-and-play RPG that’s deceivingly deep, look no further than Quest Lord! Pick it up in the App Store or Google Play.


Fun Factor: 9 – Come on, it’s a fully fledged dungeon crawler and epic RPG in your pocket!

Graphics: 9 – The best looking game of all time if this was 1984. But it WORKS!!

Sound: 8 – Fantastic sound effects slightly marred by good but repetitive music.

Control: 10 – All the commands you need in a clean and concise layout.

Lasting Appeal: 10 – Even after you finish the lengthy campaign, you’ll find yourself wandering the lands of the Shattered Realm in search of more enemies and loot!

92% – Excellent!

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  1. Adam Bunch April 2, 2015 at 5:20 pm -

    Brings back so many fond memories. Must get this

    • Dave April 4, 2015 at 1:53 pm -

      Adam, you won’t be disappointed! Quest Lord is awesome, easily one of the best mobile dungeon-crawlers.

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