Seems Legit – LIVE@7:30pm (PST)

Posted on by Dave

Let the wonkery begin…and by wonkery, we mean UNTOLD and ample amounts of downright jackassery! Witness the mighty pairing of two of AmigoRadio’s most incorrigible hosts as they join forces in what can only be described as “Voltronic Asshat”, tonight on the virginal journey, nay, the inaugural episode of AmigoRadio’s all new show, Seems Legit, LIVE@7:30pm (PST).

Make sure your drinks are full, our humor is best enjoyed swerved, so get out that booze and throw in those swizzle sticks, it’s about to get groooooown up on AmigoRadio!

Tune-in LIVE right here on this page (player appears at show time), on our official Spreaker page, or on your iPhoneAndroid, or tablet. Don’t forget to jump in the chatroom to be a part of the show!

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