Sexy and Sassy Sustenance for the Spirited (Part 1)

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By Melanie Copeland

So we all work, and sometimes life makes sure there is just not enough time to get some really good food into ourselves! After a long day, and not enough time – when all you want to do is play a game, watch a movie or zone out – you have to think about cooking. So, what is a person to do?

But, wait…there are some quick things that you can do! You don’t even have to eat out all the time. Here are some of my favorite quick snacks/meals for the spirited gamers, movie viewers, and overworked pencil pushers, who just want to have some fun after work without worrying about all the meal preparation and mess.

Quick Tips:

  • Always make a list when you go to the store, most of these items can be bought once every two weeks – increasing your fun after work – without the worry of starvation and frustration.
  • Buy and cook in bulk, and get ready to freeze. Making food once a week (or once every two weeks) and freezing it, makes the work week easier and allows for more fun on the work nights. After all, pop it in the microwave and your set.
  • Cook smart – learn your favorite meals and then prepare more that you need. This way you can freeze and save these meals for the days you don’t want to cook – but want a great meal.
  • Experiment – most of my recipes come from years of trying new things. These are not hard things to make, but over the years I have added and changed things to create new tastes – please do the same…and let me know what you like too!
  • Try taking basic items (box meals ect…) and adding to them – this mixes up the flavors and is something simple that can usually add some variety. I mean after all – whoever thought to add Hot Dogs to Mac & Cheese was a genius in my book. Sometimes simple additions create fantastic results.

I have listed my ratings at the bottom for each of these meals. That way you know what is in store for you, if you choose to take advantage of these great snacks/meals.

Fun Fixes:

Bulk Breakfast Burritos (Rating 3)

What you’ll need:

2 pounds Maple Sausage (Jimmy Deans), 12 Eggs, 2 Onions, 3 Tomatoes, 1 bag of Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 10-20 Flour Tortillas, Aluminum Foil.

Extra assets – if you so desire:

  • Exchange some tortillas for tomato basil tortilla shells.
  • Add salsa – preferably some fresh pico de gallo (as this freezes better).
  • Exchange sharp cheddar cheese for provolone or smoked cheddar.
  • Slices of avocado (sliced very thin if freezing).

The gist of this meal:

  • Cook the Maple Sausage in one pan, and the Eggs in another.
  • While the heavy food is cooking, cut up the onions & tomatoes into small squares.
  • Create an assembly line in your kitchen.  Line up all the food and get ready to create a bunch of burritos.

Order of operations:

  • Tortilla
    • Add sausage
    • Add eggs
    • Add tomatoes
    • Add onions
    • Add cheese

Wrap the tortilla up, and place it in the tin foil. Repeat until you run out of food…then pop it in the freezer.

When you are hungry for breakfast just microwave one up.

Once you have done this about 15-20 times – Wa..La… you now have breakfast burritos for about two weeks!


Pop them in the microwave (about a minute on each side, depending on how big they are) and you are done!

Great for food on the go, or as a sit down meal – you pick.


Bagel Sarnies (Rating 1)

These are great for a quick snack, without having to have another plain old sandwich. Prepare just as you would a sandwich. So, not much new to learn here. But, get ready for a whole new taste!

What you need:

White Bagels, Smoked Turkey Breast (sliced thin), Smokey Cheddar Cheese & Honey Mustard.

The gist of this meal:

  • Open the bagel and pretend it is bread.
  • Add the honey mustard to the bagel – you just need a thin coating – but, if you really love it – add more.
  • Layer 2-3 slices of meat on the bagel.
  • Add once slice of cheese.

Yep – your done!


***This can also be cooked hot with melted cheese, if you so desire.***



Fried Enchiladas (Rating 2)

What you need:

1 pound Hamburger, 1 box of Hamburger Helper (Cheesy Enchiladas), Flour Tortillas, Tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil, 1 packet of cooked Spanish Rice (I use Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice in the bag).

Extra assets – if you so desire:

  • Onions
  • Different varieties of cheese – play around with this – there are many options: Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, Smokey Cheddar, Provolone….
  • Sour Cream (but, only if you are not freezing them)
  • Salsa – I try to stick to the freshest kind here, better flavors.

The gist of this meal:

  •  Cook the Hamburger Helper as directed – but get rid of the packet of sauce that comes with it.
  • When the Hamburger Helper is close to being done, heat up another pan with 2 tablespoons of oil.
  • Cut up the fresh tomatoes into squares while the oil is heating.
  • Prepare a plate on the side with a paper towel on it (to help remove access oil).
  • Once the oil is hot add a tortilla. When it starts to heat up fold it over and create a shell. Flip over until each side is a soft golden brown. About 1 minute on each side or less. Cook one shell at a time.
  • When the Hamburger Helper is done, mix in the fresh tomatoes and the Spanish Rice.
  • Once the shells are cooled off, put the filling in the shells and enjoy.

Note:  These can be frozen if you desire – but use un-fried tortilla shells if you choose to do this.



Ratings are based on easiness, how many ingredients and prep time.

1 – Very few items, less that 5 minutes prep

2 – Basic ingredients – 5-10 minutes prep

3 – Complicated – 10+ minutes prep


Thanks for checking out some of my quick recipes. I look forward to providing you more as the weeks go on, as well as food reviews, wine tastings, best & worse places to eat and maybe even some reviews of farms & orchards. Stay tuned for more. Please feel free to share your thoughts, your favorite quick meals, tips and hints, as I am always looking for quick ways to cook, so I can get back to living the life I want without all the stress.


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