The Brave & The Bold Returns

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The Brave & The Bold Returns

            Liam Sharp, the Co-founder of comic’s amazing digital platform Madefire & superstar artist behind such works as Wonder Woman, Judge Dredd, Death’s Head II, and Captain Stone is Missing amongst many more is bringing back a historic title for an all new 6 issue series.

            The Brave and the Bold is a classic title for publisher DC Comics, reaching back to the mid 50’s and running continuously into the 1980’s.  This iteration will continue on the version of Wonder Woman that we saw from Sharp with the DC-Rebirth initiative, but taking her in a new direction.  And with a new partner.

            After writer Greg Rucka left the Wonder Woman title, Sharp also chose to not stay on the title out of respect for what they had created together.  However, he didn’t want to be finished drawing and creating with the character either. Sharp pitched a long gestating idea to DC that would blend Irish and Celtic mythology along with the Amazon Princess.  Diana will find herself post Rebirth investigating the death of an Irish God, and turns to the world’s greatest detective for help in avoiding a war as a result.  As he told the Washington Post – “The fact that they’ve pegged it to ‘The Brave and the Bold’ makes so much sense. It’s thrilling,  It kind of gave it even more gravitas and gave it a real reason for being. It just seemed like perfect timing. There’s an element of classicness to the whole concept as well. It just gives it more weight.”

            It’s also a story with some deep personal connections for Sharp – who is writing as well as creating the art- as he visits Ireland every summer with his family, and would spend many days and nights in conversation with his Father-In-Law over the Irish Gods and their history, mythology & stories.  This series is dedicated to his memory, as he passed away over the summer.

            As he continued to the Washington Post: “It’s an adventure. It’s a mystery, It’s all the things that I hoped people would come to expect from a Wonder Woman and a Batman story.” “Everyone wants to draw the Dark Knight, I’ve just been giggling to myself, to be honest. I was drawing the Batmobile and my kids asked me how I was doing and I said, ‘I’m drawing the Batmobile!’ 


-Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman debuts on February 21stDiamond order # DEC170238

All images created by Liam Sharp


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