The new ‘Metallica’ album release date: Record rumored to launch Oct. 14

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Ever since Metallica released their controversial collaboration album with Lou Reeds, titled “Lulu,” back in 2011, there have been rumors of a 10th studio album in the works. Production for the new album ended last month, and according to a report from German newspaper Bild (via Metal Injection), the album may be released as early as Oct. 14.

However, it is pointed out that the band and their management have yet to confirm if the release date is real or not. While the album may have completed its recording in June, the release might have to be delayed as the band and its management team work on their schedule between the album’s launch, live concerts and marketing period.

The album was originally rumored to release by 2014 but the year had come and gone without any development or announcements from Metallica. It was only later that it was confirmed that recording for the new album did not officially begin until the latter end of 2015 and early this year.


In April 2016, during the week leading up to Record Store Day, for which the band was its ambassador for 2016, Ulrich told Billboard that the band’s expanded role within the music industry had played a part in the amount of time that it had taken to write and record the album. “The way we do things now is very different than the way we did things back in the days of Kill ‘Em All and Ride the Lightning. Nowadays we like to do so many different things.” Ulrich was also optimistic that production of the album had almost reached its completion. “Unless something radical happens it would be difficult for me to believe that it won’t come out in 2016”.

While untitled, it is confirmed that the album will be reminiscent of their 2008 album, “Death Magnetic.” A report from NME confirms that lead guitarist Kirk Hammett stated they would be going in the same style and direction, which follows up on their original heavy and fast-paced musical structure from their earlier albums.

One song has been previewed and is available on YouTube for fans to listen to, titled “Lords of Summer.” However, there is no guarantee that the song will be included in the album and it is possible that this may have just been a demo or test to get the band prepared for the actual process of doing a new studio album.

If “Lords of Summer” does get included, it is possible it will be remastered or altered, although there is the chance of the version available being included on the album as is.

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