This Week In Comics – 7/18/13

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Hi. I’m MJ. Thats a nickname. You could argue its unfortunate, but I spit in the face of luck, and then immediately apologise to it due to my life-crippling belief in karma.

As you can tell from the title, this is a segment about comic books, and specifically the week in comic books…..through my unique eyes. Or perspective. My eyes are just brown.

Walking Dead

The biggest news of the week is that popular survival-horror-drama-epic-amazing story of family, friends and zombies, The Walking Dead will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary in style. With a 12 part EPIC storyline, the schedule will accelerate to bi-weekly installments telling the tale of the confrontation between the Survivors (Rick’s crew), the Hilltop (where Maggie is hanging out), the Kingdom (where Ezekiel rules with a dramatic preface) and the Saviors (Negan and his evil influence).

The book has been building to this since issue 100, and it promises to be mind blowing. The Walking Dead is, at the worst of times one of the best books on the stands (shelves), and the best of times….well….better than that (not possible?). I’ve been enjoying the introduction of Negan immensely and salivate at the thought of his come-uppance.

Equally tantalising is the prospect of 12 variant covers for issue #115, including 10 interconnecting covers. If that wasn’t enough we can also look forward to a Tyreese special, and a re-printed issue #1 in glorious techni-colour technology.

X Force
 It has transpired that FOX have registered the trademark and domain names that indicate they are working on an X-Force movie. This excites me. First of all, its nice to see the expansion of the X-Men movie universe. Its one of the non-Marvel Studios franchises (read; only) that doesn’t suck! That might be a little harsh, but…overall I do not particularly rate the original Spider-Man trilogy, and surprisingly enough I am not too fond of Ghost Rider. Or Fantastic Four. Etcetera.

With the original X-Men Trilogy, Wolverine Origins prequel, The Wolverine sequel, A Magneto movie (having been in development for years), and an X-Men prequel and upcoming Days Of Future Past sequel/prequel/lolquel, it is great to see FOX’s hunger to expand this great franchise….for the most part.

An X-Force movie could be fantastic. Dark, with a nice balance of dark humour, a slick team…particularly if they go for the most recent incarnation of the team. Colour me wet with anticipation. And sweat.

Comic Con
 This week Comic Con International starts – that is the reasonably large comic book convention held in San Diego.

Amongst the thousands of the cos-players, fans, nerds, geeks and celebrities will be must have exclusive products and EARTH SHATTERING NEWS PANELS.

I am particularly looking forward to hearing news from the Skybound panel, where they will be announcing (amongst other things) the upcoming co-writer on the next arc of Thief Of Thieves (Justin Jordan is attending the panel…if we can put two and two together…hmmm…) and of course all the juicy details from the Marvel Studios efforts – a probably teaser trailer for The Winter Soldier, a full trailer for Thor: The Dark World, and a screening of the pilot for Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Must have items I have caught wind of include a limited edition Invincible Watch, exclusive LEGO minifigures of Green Arrow, Black Suit Superman, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman and a gigantic Transformers Metroplex action figure. WICKED COOL [/Excited Child Voice]


Finally, I love Invincible. Get used to it (please). Invincible is the story of a half human, half Viltrumite teenage boy (young adult in current timeline), who grows up in the looming shadow of his father, whilst trying to balance school, chicks and super villains.

It is created by Robert Kirkman who also created The Walking Dead, and I cannot express my love for this series adequately enough.

Its colourful, violent, romantic, dramatic, unpredictable, amazing, shocking, funny, awesome, and completely and utterly gorgeous. I love it. A lot. So I am going to talk about it sometimes. The next issue (#104) is out on Wednesday 17th July….expect a review!

Thanks a lot for reading. I’ve been MJ, and you’ve been at least semi-erect for five or so minutes.  Go take a cold shower, you’ve earned it.

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