Tin Foil Happy Hour – LIVE@7:30pm (PST)

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Tune-in LIVE@7:30pm as host’s Dave & Scooter take you on an intergalactic roller-coaster ride of airplane conspiracies and D.B. Cooper jackassery on an all new Cap’n Horatio’s Tin Foil Hour!!

Tonight we’ll talk about:


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (Where the HELL is it?)
Were hijackers responsible?
Did it fly into another dimension?
Is it simply at the bottom of the South Indian Ocean?
Was Jeremy’s mom involved?


D.B. Cooper
Did Cooper survive jumping out of a Boeing 727 with a parachute and a bag of money?
Where is all the money?! (Only $5,800 of the $200,000 found)
Was it an “inside-job” perpetrated by an airline employee?

Tune-in LIVE right here on this page (player appears at show time), on our official Spreaker page, or on your iPhoneAndroid, or tablet.

Tin Foil Happy Hour – LIVE@7:30pm (PST)

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