Tin Foil Happy Hour – “Oculus Rift” – LIVE@7:30pm (PST)

Posted on by Dave

Join Dave on an all new Cap’n Horatio’s Tin Foil Happy Hour as he talks about the Oculus Rift and what it’s like to play around in “virtual reality” with the development kit. Already talked about and highly regarded in uber-nerd gaming circles, the Oculus Rift, which is set to release commercially sometime in 2015, is certainly turning heads in the game development community for its uncanny ability to immerse gamers into an entirely new way of experiencing video games.

A consumer-oriented version of the Rift is in development, which will be aimed at a general market and feature improved components. Improved head tracking, positional tracking, 1080p resolution, and wireless operation are some of the features under consideration for the consumer Rift. In June 2013, a 1080p version of the Rift was shown at E3. At Consumer Electronics Show in January 2014, an updated prototype codenamed “Crystal Cove” was unveiled, which uses a special low-persistence of vision OLED display, and includes a new motion tracking system that uses an external camera which tracks infrared dots located on the headset. The new motion tracking system would allow the system to detect actions such as leaning or crouching, which should help alleviate sickness experienced by users when the software didn’t respond to these actions.

Games, movies, apps…the Oculus Rift is set to change the face of interactive gaming forever. Is there a seedy underbelly to all of this? One would think that the first real virtual reality headset wouldn’t just stop at innocent video games, right? Tune-in LIVE@7:30pm to discover the possibilities of the Oculus Rift!

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