Tin Foil Happy Time – LIVE@7:30pm (PST)

Posted on by Dave

Tune-in LIVE@7:30pm as host’s Dave & Scooter take you on an intergalactic roller-coaster ride of alien conspiracies and UFO jackassery on an all new Cap’n Horatio’s Tin Foil Happy Time!!

Tonight we’ll talk about:

Dulce Base, Area 51, Wright Patterson AFB, and other alleged Alien Facilities!

Alien autopsy videos. Legit? No? Did we ever “capture” an alien? Was a body or bodies ever recovered?

Are we working WITH or AGAINST aliens?

Are aliens necessarily “alien”? What if they are simply other, more advanced humans that planted us here to populate this world?

Ben Rich, Lockheed Skunk Works director, admitted in his Deathbed Confession that Extraterrestrial UFO visitors are real and that the U.S. Military already has the ability to travel among the stars.

Also, in the spirit of our other amazeballs podcast, BIG Show Thursday, we’ll also be doing an epic Top 5 List of best alien movies and games. Break out your tin-foil hats, Amigos, it’s about to get bananas on AmigoRadio Thursday!

Tune-in LIVE right here on this page (player appears at show time), on our official Spreaker page, or on your iPhoneAndroid, or tablet.

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