Uber + Ice Cream = A break from the Work Day!

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Kay Ann Vierra

Uber + Ice Cream = A break from the Work Day

If you have ever lived in a big city, or visited a big city you have several options to get around town. First option is to use what your mama & daddy gave you; your feet and hopefully you’re wearing some comfortable shoes. Second option is to brave the smells, noises and textures of riding public transportation like BART, MUNI, and AC Transit in San Francisco where I work. Thirdly you take a cab; if you are lucky to catch one by waving your hand frantically in the air, whistling, jumping up and down, and maybe even showing a little leg. Don’t forget that most cabs smell of cigarette smoke, bodily odor, or heavy cologne, or at least all the ones I have ever had the un-pleasure of riding in. And finally you could use the new technocab that is out there called UBER; a combination of hailing your ride by the use of one’s cell phone. My personal choice whenever I need to get around in San Francisco is Uber.

img_20140718_132245How does Uber work you ask? First you down load the app to your smart phone. Then you create a profile (name, email, even a photo of you wearing a crown if you want). Choose your form of payment and put in the information (credit cards, bank card, Pay Pal or Google Wallet). When you need to get from A to B open up the app and immediately a map will pop-up showing a blinking, blue dot or green pin, and you maneuver it to where on the map you want to be picked up. Next you choose what you want to pick you up, uberX, uberXL, black car, SUV and click “set pickup location”. You can see on the map your car coming towards your location.

Today I used Uber once again, but not for getting myself around, but for a different reason; ice cream. Yes, I said I used Uber to deliver ice cream to me. I had learned about this promotion in the morning by an email I read on my phone as I was BARTING to work. The email said that from 11 am thru to 5 pm in selected cities Uber would deliver ice cream and some swag to you via Ice cream trucks, pedicabs, and uberX vehicles for a fee of twenty-five dollars.

Here is how it all went down:

1. Opened up my Uber app at 11 am, but was disappointed to find out they were not running the promotion yet.

2. Sat at my work desk until later in the afternoon when I couldn’t stand not having the sweet treat.

3. Tried using the Uber app again around 12:45 pm and was successful on hailing an ice cream car

4. Ran down the stairs of my building to the corner and waited patiently.

5. Texted my driver letting him know I was on the corner wearing a pink cardigan and that he shouldn’t be able to miss me (I probably would have run after him if he passed me by because I  was so hungry)


6. Spotted my Uber ice cream car because I saw my drivers profile and I knew what he looked like (plus the car was decorated with ice cream magnets all over it and iconic Uber symbol was on the windshield passenger side corner)

7. The car pulled over right in front of me and parked

8. The cheerful Uber drivers in matching promotional #ubericecream shirt got out of their car and opened up their trunk revealing the ice chests carrying the ice cream

9. The cute little Uber passenger started thanked me for choosing Uber ice(which I believe was the drivers little girl) and asked me what ice cream I wanted cause my choices were between an ice cream sandwich, ice cream on a stick, and ice cream bar and I could have up to 5

10. She gave me ice cream, and my swag (sunglasses in a cute case with the Uber written on the side of the frame, smiled and drove away

11. Sauntered back to my office and ate in peace (and no I did not eat all of them)

Overall I would have to say my experience with this promotion was absolutely wonderful. The transaction took merely 10 minutes from the time I summoned the Ice Cream Prius and made it back to my desk. Uber provided the item and I had the desire for it. The Uber staff was extremely friendly, smiling, laughing, and engaging with me the consumer; I could tell they enjoyed their job. The car was decorated in ice cream magnets making it easy for me differentiate from the day-to-day drivers on the busy street I work off of. And as for the price of it, it wasn’t bad in my opinion considering that they came to me on my terms, and that it proves to me that their model for transportation works. The only thing missing from this experience was the iconic song of “pop goes the weasel” that the traditional ice cream trucks play. Oh well; there is next year….. who knows what they will deliver next.


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