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Raley’s Reach is back and bigger than ever! This time, we’re giving away $50,000 to schools just like yours. Tell us how you’d improve your local school and show your support by casting your vote. If your project gets the most votes within your region, your school will win a $10,000 grant to make it happen.

Who will Benefit?

Present & future students at Heritage Oak Elementary!
How will the money be used? Student technology at Heritage Oak has become obsolete.  Last upgraded in 2005, many student computers no longer function, and those that do are slow or inconsistent.  Updating student technology is important because we live in a world where technology penetrates every aspect of our daily lives. We communicate, research, socialize, organize, entertain, and work using computer networks and personal and mobile technologies.  Computer technology is also pervasive among successful businesses, agencies, and organizations world-wide.  Students who become effective computer users by having hands-on experience with technology become highly-desired people in the modern workforce. Our goal is to put technology into our students’ hands so that they become effective computer users.  With funding, we will purchase new desktops, laptops, or tablets that all students can access.  Modern technology is vital to students as we prepare them for career-competitiveness while teaching them life skills.


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