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Join Dave & Garrett for Wicked Wednesday on AdventureAmigos.net with actress/model Cyndi Crotts, LIVE on AmigoRadio!

Cyndi’s film projects include roles in many horror and sci-fi features such as, Warbranch Productions “Bikini Monsters” directed by Terence Muncy, Warner Brothers “Delivery” directed by Jose Cassella, Breaking Glass Pictures “Brainjacked” directed by Andrew Allan, and Gargoyle Entertainment “KOS Island” directed by Anthony Colliano. She can also be seen in the new web series, “La Fleur de Mai”, by Presage Entertainment.

Apart from acting, she is also a pin-up model. Cyndi was chosen to be one of the top 12 girls for the Ybor Pin-Up Calendar for 2011. She was also featured in the very first issue of Pin-Up America Magazine in Jan 2011. Cyndi also models for comics through Comic Book Divas. She can be seen in the new comic book series “Ginger-Stein: Rise of the Undead” as Officer Kate Sully.

Also on tap for Wicked Wednesday is the much anticipated Top 5 Horror Movies countdown! What makes the cut and what gets the axe…get it…CUT….AXE!!!! GET IT?! You’d think it was Halloween around this place with all the ghoulish fun and general jackassery we’re gonna have tonight on AmigoRadio! Join us!!

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