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Join host David Mayne for a far-out evening of epic space and sci-fi adventures as we broadcast two original episodes of the 50’s cult classic radio program, X Minus One, along with commentary and special guests!

On this episode:

Dr. Grimshaw’s Sanitorium – A good story about a mad Nazi scientist and his fiendish experiments. The script was subsequently used on “X Minus One” on July 14, 1955 and on “Future Tense”. The “X Minus One” program was rebroadcast on “Monitor” during March, 1974. + What you will hear transcribed in the next half hour represents either a magnificent hoax or the true explanation of the famous Grimshaw sanatorium scandal, which made the headlines back in 1947. The manuscript upon which this account is based was removed by the New York State Police from a fountain pen cover found in the doorway to Dr Grimshaw’s study. We offer this manuscript as evidence only and whether it is authentic or not you must judge for yourself…A Private Eye infiltrates an insane asylum to investigate rumors of strange goings-on, and discovers some bizarre physical transformations.


Nightmare – An unimportant clerk, in an unimportant job, uses his Einiac to discover what the computers are up to! The story is based on the poem, “Revolt Of The Machines” by Stephen Vincent Benet. The script was previously used on “Dimension X” on June 10, 1951. The progam was rebroadcast as part of “Monitor” during December, 1974. + Based on the poem “Revolt of the Machines” by Stephen Vincent Benet. An unusual tale in which the machines of the world revolt. The tale starts off with men walking off a work site because a turbine starts up of its’ own accord and swallows a man.A tale of madness told from the point of view of a timid man tormented by paranoia. The man tells of his lifelong persecution… of the derisive cruelty he has endured… of his mental collapse… and of his cure at the hands of Dr. Fraser. He finds, however, that being cured requires a different type of endurance. While the old paranoia is gone, new challenges arise which must be overcome. This time, Dr. Fraser might not be able to help. A man begins to suspect that all machines are on the verge of a unified worldwide revolt to overthrow their human masters.

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